Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot Melt Adhesive pellets have been produced in Gala Form™ since the early 1980s.

Gala has numerous HMA Pelletizing Systems in operation worldwide, pelletizing a wide variety of hot melt adhesive ranging from EVA based to PA, Polyester, APAO, APP, PP, PE, TPE, phenolic resin, rubber base and adhesive grade TPU. Gala HMA systems are capable of processing HMA and PSA with viscosities as low as 400 cps into Gala Form™ pellets.

Traditional Gala production systems utilize vessels or twin screw extruders. Typical production systems include melt pump, screen changer, melt cooler/hot oil system, polymer diverter valve, water box by-pass system, pelletizer, tempered water system, centrifugal dryer, and process control system.

Gala can provide an HMA customer with a twin-screw extrusion process upstream of the Gala system, as well as a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)compatible bagging system that can be integrated into the pelletizing line.

Gala’s Technical Center is available to our customers for testing equipment and/or processes for prospective purchase or for assistance in material development and research & development.