Other Polymers
Asphalt, Bitumen, EMA, EAA, EPDM, EP, IM, PVAC, Wax

While not fitting into the traditional family of underwater pelletized products these polymers are an example of the flexibility provided by the Gala underwater pelletizing system.  We have successfully pelletized non-traditional products ranging from 4000cps to fractional MFI on the HLMI scale.  For your specific application please contact Gala.


The advantage of underwater pelletizing is the rapid cooling of the pellets in the water. Another benefit of using Gala pelletizing systems for these materials is the containment of the typical odors, fumes, and gases. The spherical shape of the pellets helps contribute to simpler and more precise dosing and increased flowability. Die plates with specially designed heat conduction for an ideal heat transfer at the interface have considerably extended the window of applications for these products.


  • Low capital expenditure
  • Low space requirements
  • Low energy costs
  • Low tooling costs
  • Fully automatic design utilizing the most advanced technologies
  • Low sound pressure level < 80 db(A)