Wood Polymer Composites

The GOAL: Provide underwater-cut WPC pellets with acceptable moisture

Pellet moisture is a priority when pelletizing Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). The WPC compounding segment of the plastics industry is pushing for higher percent loading, which presents new and unique challenges. Polymers used in WPC compounds are PP, ABS, PS, PVC, and PE with 50 – 70% loading of hardwood or pine flour or fiber.

To retrofit an existing Gala Underwater Pelletizing System or to specify new equipment, we recommend the following criteria based on extensive lab tests and field installation modifications:

  • Use a large die hole size as larger pellets are preferred
  • Shorten the slurry pipe run length and /or decrease the pipe diameter
  • Increase the process water flow (GPM)

These modifications can significantly reduce pellet moisture. If you are still not obtaining the desired results, please contact Gala about our new i-Heat® System (patent pending).

For more information about pelletizing WPC or about improving your WPC pelletizing process, contact .