Water Filtration Options

Dual Canister Filter System

The dual canister filter provides extra process water filtration in high production situations where shutdowns are kept to a minimum or when processing highly filled products that create fine particulates not caught by a standard fines removal screen.

The dual canister filter assembly is located after the process water pump in the tempered water system. Its purpose is to filter any fine particulates that may not have been caught in the standard water system filtration screen.

Most customers requesting this feature wish to eliminate unnecessary downtime for cleaning or for extra protection when pelletizing heavily filled products that cause fine dust. This system is typically used on pellet production lines running 250 gpm (60 m³/h) or greater.

The system consists of two stainless steel cylindrical housings, each containing a screen basket with 100 – 200 micron mesh bag. Valves and piping complete the system, as well as appropriate electrical controls. This filtration system can be programmed for an alarm to sound for manual filter changing or, in most cases, fully automated changing from one filter to another. One canister is in operation while the second is being prepared or ready for use.