"The groups that I have worked with since 1994 have had extensive experience with Gala pelletizers, Pellet dryers, filtration units, spin “rinse” dryers and spin dryers. The equipment has always been superbly engineered and manufactured. What we found unique was the expertise to solve problems that related to our process – not their equipment.

They were willing to work long hours to help us get lines running when most manufacturers would have said “that’s not my problem”. Through the years at multiple locations we’ve experienced the same attention to the customer’s need with help solving problems.

Gala has improved the equipment design through continued research and development. The result is dependable user friendly machines that can easily be incorporated into existing lines with little down time and installation expense.

Gala does not overstate the capabilities of their equipment. In all cases, we’ve found that the machines will exceed what the book says they will do. This conservative approach to marketing gives us confidence that when we purchase future machines we will get what we expect and more. "

- Phillip McElveen, C.E.O, E-Z Products, LLC.


"As the owner of KW Plastics, I have worked with Gala Industries for over 25 years. During this time, we have purchased many pieces of equipment, including complete underwater pelletizing systems, stand alone centrifugal dryers and a significant amount of spare parts each year.

The Gala machine is second to none in quality and on the rare occasion a problem has arisen, the Gala service team has been there immediately, to rectify the problem. The spare parts department has also performed admirably and the 100% employee owned company always stand behind their equipment.

Based on my past experience with Gala Industries, I would highly recommend their products. The employee owners should be proud of the company they have created."

- N. Kenneth Campbell, KW Plastics


"We are running everyday on two shifts and will expand to three if and when it is needed. We have almost no down time at all. Once we start the machine we just run hours and hours. The only real downtime is changing over materials, which is planned for and expected.  We simply monitor it every 30 minutes or so while it just keeps pumping out pellets.

I will certainly be talking with you if we need to expand our operation.

Thanks again for all of the support you have provided us.  I am really grateful."

 - Jim Johnson


"O'Neil Color and Compounding  has had Gala pelletizers  going back at least 17 years  and that number of Gala underwater pelletizers continues to grow each year.  As we  grow and  develop our business Gala has become the pelletizer of choice for us.  Each new production  upgrade, be that an addition of a new line or an upgrade to an existing production lines, Gala plays a part in that process.  We now have many lines with various sizes and models.

 We can pelletize different polymers and make very good looking pellets that other pelletizers struggle with or can not cut at all.  The customer support, reliability,  quality of construction  make it a easy decision when expanding our capabilities."

- Bob Anthony, O'Neil Color and Compounding Plant Manager


“Gala Industries has been an important business partner for Danimer with their dependable equipment. Their Lab lines have been key to the development of our adhesives products. Gala listens to customer demands, and exceeds them every time.”

- Mark Jones, Danimer Scientific