Gala Custom Solutions

Hot Melt Adhesives (HMA)

Gala Systems for HMA Production are designed to be cost effective at pellet rates up to 4.550 kg/h. The typical Gala HMA production system will include a vessel, booster pump, melt pump, screen changer, melt cooler / hot oil system, polymer diverter valve with side discharge, water box by-pass system, underwater pelletizer, tempered water system, centrifugal dryer and process control system.

  • Higher yield with Gala Form™ pellets
  • Less floor space
  • One-button start and stop of the system
  • Low noise level, typically <80 dB(A)
  • Pelletizing of HMA with viscosity from 5,000 cps (or greater) without a melt cooler
  • Greater return on investment
  • Low energy costs, cost-efficient water preparation

For these applications, pelletizing systems are available for installation downstream of extruders but also for use with mixers and kneaders with melt delivery pumps.