Centrifugal Dryer for Recycled Products


The product and residual water flow into the rotor section of the dryer. Both the speed of rotation and design of lifters mounted to the rotor cause the product to ricochet between lifters and screens while being conveyed up the dryer in a helical path. The water is separated through the screens and the product is continuously conveyed into the upper section of the dryer where it is discharged from the product outlet.

The drying process reduces the residual moisture; the final moisture level depends on the product. Final drying is achieved in the upper two-thirds of the screen surface and in the product outlet chute of the dryer. Dry countercurrent air flow generated by an external exhaust fan removes most of the residual surface moisture from the product. The exhaust fan produces a slight vacuum which prevents humid air from exiting into the room or condensing in downstream equipment components. In some cases additional post-drying may be utilized depending on the required surface moisture.

DRYER DESIGNS are based on actual product rate testing.

Gala has been conducting extensive testing on our centrifugal dryers at full production rates, since early 2007.

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  • Door timed interlocks
  • Easy access
  • FEA designed
  • Clean operation
  • Low noise emissions
  • Low energy consumption
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Minimal floor space
  • Proven reliability