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Gala has agreed to be acquired by Maag Pump Systems AG

On October 20, 2015, Gala announced that it would be working with Maag Pump Systems AG, a business unit of Dover Corporation. The combination of Maag and Gala's products, expertise and technology further enhances innovation and processing capabilities to the polymer and compounding industry. With global manufacturing, sales and service organizations will be further strengthened by this merger of technology, complementary products and talents along with a shared passion for innovation will further enhance our growth.

GALA® — The #1 Manufacturer of Underwater Pelletizing Systems and Centrifugal Dryers Worldwide

With offices in the United States, Germany, and Thailand, GALA is the trusted name for professionals who demand a high level of performance, dependability and a positive ROI from their processing equipment. For over 50 years Gala has led the industry through consistent innovation, developing technology and processes that deliver performance, safety and product quality. Gala’s customers benefit from legendary customer support provided by experienced field technicians, its technical laboratory and R&D center and its knowledgeable spare parts staff. Attention to quality and detail in its underwater pelletizing system and centrifugal pellet drying equipment ensures the ROI and profits demanded. Every piece of equipment, spare parts and process control is built by the most experienced hands in our industry with the unwavering standards that have made Gala the dependable name in pellet production equipment.


Now teamed up with a powerful source in the industry

Maag is the worldwide leading
manufacturer of gear pumps,
pelletizing systems and filtration
systems for demanding applications
in the plastics, chemical, petrochemical,
and food industries.
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