Gala Underwater Pelletizers

MAP - Manually Adjustable Pelletizer
Production Rate: up to 15.000 kg/h

The Manually Adjustable Pelletizer (MAP) features a manual adjusting wheel to position the blades against the die plate. This simple blade adjustment design provides visual blade wear indication and maximum control of blade position.

The unique design of the axial advance system replaces the need for a bearing housing assembly. The MAP design requires only one long life thrust bearing for accurate adjustments.


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  • Automated start-up & shutdown
  • redundant safety interlocks
  • failsafe pelletizer clamping assembly
  • Clean operation with low noise levels
  • Low energy consumption
  • Efficient closed loop filtered water system
  • Minimal start-up waste
  • Suitable for various polymers, offering greater flexibility of a single machine
  • Minimal floor space
  • Uniform pellets in sizes to customer specifications