Gala Underwater Pelletizing Systems

LPU™ Laboratory Pelletizing System is designed for lab use or light production at pellet rates up to 100 kg/h.
Compact Lab System designed to simulate the function of a full production pelletizing system, used for product sampling at pellet rates up to 500 kg/h.
E-Series™  - simple and economical model pelletizing system for pellet rates up to 1.000 kg/h
FLEXLINE - Used to achieve quick change from one pelletizer to another without downtime.
Pelletizing System for Glass Fiber Compounds - designed for highly abrasive materials.
LWCP System - An underwater pelletizing system designed for low waste continuous productions

Gala is a worldwide leader in the production of underwater pelletizing systems for pellet rates up to 15.000 kg/h. With the successful introduction of the LPU™, CLS™ and The E-Series™, Gala has established benchmarks in the development of standardized modular pelletizing systems which permit economical and technical solutions for a wide variety of applications: Primary pelletizing, Masterbatch production, Compounding, Plastics recycling, Pilot applications, and Research and laboratory applications.

Gala pelletizing systems are used worldwide to process a wide variety of polymers. These applications include high additive content, high viscosity to very low viscosity materials. The typical Gala pelletizing system consists of three main components that can be customized for each pelletizing situation: (1.) Pelletizer, (2.) Tempered water system (TWS) with centrifugal dryer, and (3.) Electrical control and power system.

The pelletizing system interfaces with the customer's extruder or melt pump. The pelletizing process is performed in a closed loop system. The pelletized product is conveyed by the process water from the cutting chamber into the centrifugal dryer. During the process, the pelletized product has no contact with ambient air and there is no risk of gas, dust emission or contamination of the product. The process water remains in the closed loop tempered water system, another advantage which contributes to the environmental compatibility of this process.


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  • Automated start-up & shutdown
  • Redundant safety interlocks
  • Failsafe pelletizer clamping assembly
  • Clean operation with low noise levels
  • Low energy consumption
  • Efficient closed loop filtered water system
  • Minimal start-up waste
  • Suitable for various polymers, offering greater flexibility of a single machine
  • Minimal floor space
  • Uniform pellets in sizes to customer specifications