Gala Underwater Pelletizing Systems

The E-Series™ Underwater Pelletizing System
for pellet rates up to 1.500 kg/h, (depending on equipment configuration and polymers)


A value engineered pelletizing system designed to economically pelletize and dry thermoplastics—polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, flexible PVC, and more.

  • Simple and compact
  • Engineered to include the fundamental operational and safety concepts of Gala’s more complex underwater pelletizing systems
  • Includes an SLC or MAP Pelletizer, skid mounted Tempered Water System with Centrifugal Pellet Dryer; Control System is supplied for 60 Hz, 460 Volts.  Customer supplies a transformer if necessary.

Contact Information

USA +1 (540) 884 2589
Europe +49 (0) 2801 980 0
Asia +66 (0) 38 190 840



  • Automated start-up & shutdown
  • Redundant safety interlocks
  • Failsafe pelletizer clamping assembly
  • Clean operation with low noise levels
  • Low energy consumption
  • Efficient closed loop filtered water system
  • Minimal start-up waste
  • Suitable for various polymers, offering greater flexibility of a single machine
  • Minimal floor space
  • Uniform pellets in sizes to customer specifications