Gala Underwater Pelletizing Systems

Low Waste Continuous Production (LWCP) Pelletizing System

The LWCP System concept was designed to allow the user to operate the production machine on a continuous basis and to increase output without interruptions from a defined minimum throughput up to the maximum line throughput. Start-up waste is reduced to a minimum.

The multidirectional polymer diverter valve has been integrated in the pelletizing process. This polymer diverter valve includes at least one further diverting option in addition to the already-known two diverting possibilities. It permits either a very fast changeover between two product flow directions or the sequential operation of several pelletizers connected to one and the same polymer diverter valve. Because of the “online” switch over of the running system, interruptions can be largely avoided, and with the appropriate selection of the two pelletizing heads, a very wide throughput range of the production machine has become possible.

The economic advantages include lower costs for start-ups, less material waste, lower operating costs and fewer line shutdowns for maintenance.