493K, Gala, and STP Rotomachinery Control Seminar

Thank you for attending our Seminar...

On April 30th and May 1st, Gala held a Rotomolding Seminar in Roanoke, VA. Companies came from all over North and South America to attend as presentations were given explaining the making and use of MicroPellets, temperature monitoring and control, new mold designs and the latest research into what is happening during the molding process, to name a few topics. Demonstrations of making MicroPellets were given and products were actually molded with these pellets right there on site with our Rotomolding machine! Guests got to listen to experts like Dr. Gareth McDowell from 493K and Dr. Alvin Spence of CENTRO, Inc. explain why temperature control and pressure monitoring are vital in the making of a good part. Toter’s Don Sexton presented information as to why they prefer to make all their parts with MicroPellets and concluded with a video of a grizzly bear trying to open their “bear proof” cart.

Gala's very own Matthew Tornow presented the benefits of using MicroPellets and then the Gala Sector Market team demonstrated how easy it is to control the equipment in the making of a MicroPellet and standard pellet. The first night concluded with a dinner at a local winery where everyone could network while enjoying the scenic beauty of the mountains and have a glass of wine and some Southern BBQ. The following day had more discussions and additional hands-on demonstrations. This event turned out to be very beneficial to the 22 molders and 9 suppliers that participated. Don't worry if you missed this event- it was such a success that we are considering having a repeat performance in the future. Would you be interested in coming if another seminar was planned? Please let us know by emailing us.

Below you can find presentations and pictures from our Seminar.


Introduction to Process Control in Rotomolding by Dr. Gareth McDowell, 493K
Introduction to Micropellets in Rotomolding by Matthew Tornow, GALA
Introduction to STP Machinery by Michel Truax, STP Rotomachinery

Using Micropellets at TOTER by Don Sexton, TOTER, Inc. - BEAR VIDEO
Roto-Blow or Roto-Vac by Dr. Alvin Spence, CENTRO, Inc.
Process Control from a Mold Makers Point of View, by Sandy Scaccia, NORSTAR

Tooling your Process Control by Dr. Gareth McDowell, 493K

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Thanks again to all who attended this year!