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GALA® — The #1 Manufacturer of Underwater Pelletizing Systems and Centrifugal Dryers Worldwide

With offices in the United States, Germany, and Thailand, GALA is the trusted name for professionals who demand a high level of performance, dependability and a positive ROI from their processing equipment. For over 50 years Gala has led the industry through consistent innovation, developing technology and processes that deliver performance, safety and product quality. Gala’s customers benefit from legendary customer support provided by experienced field technicians, its technical laboratory and R&D center and its knowledgeable spare parts staff. Attention to quality and detail in its underwater pelletizing system and centrifugal pellet drying equipment ensures the ROI and profits demanded. Every piece of equipment, spare parts and process control is built by the most experienced hands in our industry with the unwavering standards that have made Gala the dependable name in pellet production equipment.

Gala Industries, Inc. is an Employee Owned Corporation (ESOP)
One of Gala’s greatest strengths is its dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced employees. In 1991 Gala’s founder and major shareholder, Vernon E. (Buck) Dudley, contributed shares to Gala’s newly formed ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), and in 2004 Gala purchased all remaining shares from the Dudley Family. Why is Gala’s ESOP status important to its Customers? Gala’s employee owners understand that our success is based upon our Customer’s success.

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Frankfurt, Germany
June 15-19, 2015

PRE Plastic Recycling Expo
Telford, UK
June 16-17, 2015

Forum Plasturgie Composites
Nantes, France
July 2-3, 2015

Gala Symposium
Xanten, Germany
September 8-9, 2015
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Friedrichshafen, Germany
October 13-17, 2015

PTC Pelletizing Training Course – Workshop
Xanten, Germany
November 11-12, 2015



Plast Eurasia
Istanbul, Turkey
December 2015


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